In CV ACTIVA our partners are committed and interested in the initial and continuous training of both the workers and the employers themselves.

In carrying out this work, network of Tourism Centres of the Generalitat Valenciana, with its programme of continuous training for employers and active workers in the tourism sector, is an essential ally. Over the last few years, the following specific active tourism training courses have been programmed and given, at the proposal of CV ACTIVA:

  • Marketing for active tourism companies
  • Safety and emergencies for active tourism companies
  • First aid in the countryside
  • GPS and digital cartography
  • Self-rescue in ravines
  • Legislation and legal liability of active tourism companies
  • Insurance in active tourism companies
  • Leading groups in active tourism activities
  • Basic maneuvers with ropes: abseiling, zip line and monkey bridge.
  • Guide and safety in self-emptying sea kayak
  • Guiding techniques in vias ferratas
  • Short-rope mountain guide
  • Interpretation of geological resources

The six-monthly programme of the network of Tourism Centres of the Generalitat Valenciana is updated in January and June, and you can check it here: