This handbook aims to guide those who have some kind of responsibility in public or subsidised educational centres, mainly, but also in private educational centres, parents’ associations, cultural associations and other public administrations, such as town halls, county or provincial councils, which plan to promote some activity, excursion, camp or trip that includes activities in the natural environment and/or adventure activites.

The handbook also aims to raise awareness of the existing legal regulations in the Comunitat Valenciana of this type of guided services, thus bringing the Administration closer to the citizens. The regulation of these active tourism services is often unknown in other areas further away from tourism, such as leisure or recreation companies and schools, clubs and sports federations, as well as other individuals who design and offer this type of services in the market, including educational centres.

The handbook is a guide and has been drawn up above all from the point of view of tourism regulation with the aim of facilitating its knowledge and compliance, although it contains references to other applicable standards that can be accessed through the available links.

Decree 22/2012, of 27 January, of the Consell, regulating the active tourism in the Comunitat Valenciana, gave a naturalisation certificate in the Comunitat Valenciana to a modality of specialized tourist services based on the accompaniment and professional guidance in sporting, tourist, educational or recreational activities in the natural environment, as well as certain adventure activities, which is called active tourism.

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