Bicycle Routes


Riding a bicycle, even with an electric motor to reduce the effort (ebike), that takes us pedalling along roads, forest tracks, greenways or roads, surrounded by the fragrance of olive trees or orange blossom, the freshness of the banks of the rivers of the Comunitat Valenciana; the pines, thyme and rosemary of the mountain; or the salty breeze of the Mediterranean Sea. The duration of the routes can be half a day, a day or several days, through the more than 3,000 km of signposted MTB routes, with 10 MTB centres spread throughout the Valencia Region.


Any time of the year is a good time to do this activity, although it will depend on the weather conditions, being in the open air.


Destinations in the interior and coast of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

Companies that can guide you

  • Itinerantur
  • Sargantana
  • 7Pobles
  • Viunatura
  • eXtrem Tracks
  • Atrévete Aventuras
  • Esport Actiu
  • Ona Activa
  • Navaesport
  • Valencia Adventure
  • Geonatur
  • Tururac
  • Trail Natura
  • Costa Blanca Quads and Tours
  • Tao Bike

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