Passing through the most spectacular landscapes of the Mediterranean mountains on foot, discovering, with the help of a guide, the hidden stories of the plants, footprints of animals, architectural remains and the customs and ways of life of the humans who inhabit them. The duration of these activities does not usually exceed one day, although it is possible to make several day trips staying overnight in accommodations near the routes.


Any time of the year is a good time to do this activity, although it will depend on the weather conditions, being in the open air.


Destinations of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

Companies that can guide you

  • Itinerantur
  • Persenda
  • Viunatura
  • Somos Aventura
  • 7Pobles
  • Nómada Aventura
  • Sargantana
  • eXtrem Tracks
  • SuAventura.com
  • Atrévete Aventuras
  • Actio Albergue Rural
  • Valencia Adventure
  • Ruting
  • Ona Activa
  • Geonatur
  • Esport Actiu
  • Totalhike
  • Avensport
  • Navaesport
  • Tronkos y Barrancos
  • Som Medi
  • Tururac
  • Oxytours
  • Trail Natura
  • EducaVerd
  • Grieta aventura
  • Costa Blanca Quads and Tours
  • Desafio Alpino

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